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Inês Pedrosa

Inês Pedrosa

Born in 1962, Inês Pedrosa earned a degree in communication sciences from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa before working in the press, on radio, and on television, earning several journalism awards. She was director of the Casa Fernando Pessoa museum from 2008 to 2014. Her weekly column in the Portuguese national newspaper Expresso was awarded the 2007 Prize for Parity for Citizenship and Gender Equality. She currently contributes to two culture-focused radio shows and a public television show, and also works as a literary translator, notably of the work of Milan Kundera. In 2017, she founded her own publishing house, Sibila. Pedrosa has published twenty-four books, including the prize-winning novels In Your Hands (winner of the 1997 Prémio Máxima de Literatura in Portugal), Eternity and Desire (finalist for the 2009 Portugal Telecom Award and the 2010 Prémio Correntes d’Escritas), and The Intimates (winner of the 2012 Prémio Máxima de Literatura). Her work has been published in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Germany. In Your Hands is her English-language debut.

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